Art Pieces

One of my favorite ways to produce my art is in a collage.  Stringing multiple pictures together from a series of photos often makes the sum of the parts achieve a greater magnitude to the viewer. Some of these pieces are found on a one day excursion, while others are a result of hundreds of hours of work to hunt down and produce the final piece.


Example Completed Piece 

"I got 99 murals 'cause the brick ain't one"

This is a completed piece. There are 100 acrylic brick photos, layered over each other, and hand put together with bolts.  The end product gives off a 3-D effect.  As the light hits the piece, the shadows play behind the images giving the piece depth, and the spacing allows the color of the background wall to show through, making the image feel light and airy.



Here are some digital renderings of other art pieces.  Production of these pieces into art can vary in style. If you are interested, contact me for further discussion.